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  • Perfect Life3:46
  • Hippie Child4:01
  • Call the Jury Mob5:48
  • Laura's in Love3:23
  • Baseball3:46
  • Cinder Block Cabin3:23
  • Blue Lines3:23
  • Mirrors of Your Mind4:02
  • Mary 4:55
  • Gimme Some More3:13
  • 0:00
  • Fire (Miss My Love Tonight)4:55
  • One Child5:59
  • Short Hair Rock2:46
  • Christine, JTs4:00
  • I Shall Not Be Moved, 24263:08
  • 05 - Blue Lines3:23
  • Deathmarch8:04
  • Little Kids3:10

Davey J's original music has many flavors: rock, folk, reggae, blues, roots, and Americana.  Enjoy a big sample of original tunes right here!

You can purchase the hit "Chippewa Love" at my Bandcamp site: and more music is coming!

Some of the streaming tunes are pre-final takes from Davey's most recent CD, Chippewa Love!  "Call the Jury Mob" has the blend of classic and new sounds that every Davey J combo is known for.  "Perfect Life" features musical guest Joel Pace on trumpet for the roots reggae groove!  Also in the mix is the title tune from Davey J's CD Hippie Child, a blues tune ("Gimme Some More"), a roots rock number ("Fire") and more!  If you are interested in covering a Davey J tune or would like to arrange for some airplay, contact the artist through this site!!